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Users may have questions about a certain prescription drug, then the chatbot may provide information directly from the company’s website and also provide alternatives while stating some side effects as are listed by the manufacturer.

We offer the chatbot as a free service to the public to search for advice and to get answers. We ask for users to register at no cost prior to using the chatbot. In this way, we can send push notifications on the topics of interest per user’s permission.

A user may want the intelligent conversational chatbot to keep track of all health-related matters such as doctor appointments reminders, recommending local physicians with their ratings, reminders to take certain medications during various times of a day, keeping track of dietary food intake and exercise, and so on.

We keep track of searches to accumulate information about interests per individual and collectively. Such data as a whole, without giving out any confidential information about the individual users show trends and demands to the health professionals, the Pharma, and the medical equipment

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